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Hunk of the Month
Jessie Pavelka

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Straight Male Pornstars

I must admitt that I love to indulge in straigt porn sometimes. For the most part, I tend to ignore straight porn because it focus too much on the woman (who often doesn't appear to be very enthusiastic about it) and because the man is not very hansome. Occasionally, you get a really good looking guy and for gay guys like me, he'll turn you on no matter who he's fucking.

This guy's name is Jonny Cockfill (I suppose it's fake. Afterall, it's conventional to have an "h" in Jonny and the surname is too conveniant to be real.) He's relatively new to porn and hails from Great Britian.

Ramon Nomar is a Spaniard and a stripper. He has appeared in straight porn marketed for women (therefor for gays too).

Brandon Irons is actually one of the first image of a nude man that I found when I first stared to look for porn. I was surprised to find that he is straight.

Okay now Chris Strokes has appeared in gay porn but only in jack-off scenes. But that's close to being gay-for-pay.

Kris Slater is a former Air Force cadet. Now he's in pornography. Actually, I understand that there are many former military men in pornography. In straight porn, these men are paid far less than the women because it's not like straight guys pay to see the guys (though they could.) Yet there seems to be a lot of fandom for straight pornstars.

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